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Khasab Musandam overnight dhow cruise is the best way to get along with the awesome beauty of the Musandam Sea in the moonlight. Musandam overnight trip takes visitors to the Musandam fjords to have fun on things such as dinner, onboard BBQ, and watching dolphins swimming. You can also enjoy the snorkeling and swimming experiences while running about to see the underwater reefs and precious corals along your way.

Tour Activities:

  • Adventurous full day dhow cruise into Musandam fjords and sightseeing
  • Natural dolphin watching along the way to historical Telegraph Island
  • Visit historical Telegraph and Seebi islands that are the best for swimming.
  • Two stops for snorkeling and swimming, first at Telegraph Island and then Seebi
  • View of small fisherman villages like Nadifi, Qanah, Maqlab, Seeb, and Shem
  • Fishing and live BBQ activity on the boat if it is not windy in the evening
  • An unforgettable Musandam Khasab overnight dhow cruise stay with dolphin watching

Tour Includes:

  • Refreshments on the board include traditional Omani tea, coffee, and plain water
  • Omani lunch may include fried rice, fried chicken, Hummus, salad, and Khubz
  • BBQ dinner that may include chicken kebab, grilled fish, fried rice, beef kebab, and salad
  • Breakfast may include bottled juices, boiled eggs, yogurt, bread, jam, coffee, and tea.
  • Fresh fruits (Apple, Banana Orange) all the time will be during Musandam Khasab overnight dhow cruise
  • All sleeping arrangements including mattresses, blankets, cushions, bedsheets, and pillows
  • Basic toilet and shower facility with freshwater, hand wash, tissue papers, and towels
  • Snorkeling and swimming gears, life jackets, traditional fishing hand-lines, and a music system

Overnight Cruise Itinerary

We have two starting times for overnight dhow cruise, the morning 10:00 am to 08:30 am and evening 05:00 pm to 04:00 pm the next day. Here is the itinerary of the morning tour plan.

KHASAB ARRIVAL: 09:30 am: It is our practice to reach Khasab Musandam Dhow Port by 9:30 a.m. so we can ready you for your Musandam tour. Our crew will start with a snack to get you ready for the day.

DEPARTURE – 10:00 am: On this cruise, you’ll set sail on the Khasab Musandam ocean dhow at 10:00 am sharp. The boat will be sailing from Khasab dhow port, and your day trip will last the whole day. The boat will stop at Telegraph and Seebi Islands for snorkeling and swimming.

Dolphin Watching – 11:00 am: Dolphins are among the most incredible creatures on earth. They will drive you to your feet for a day of excitement with a full-day Musandam dhow cruise.

Telegraph Island – 12:00 pm: We will approach the shore of a historical island called Telegraph Island where you head to the beach to participate in snorkeling and swimming. Telegraph Island is a good place for both activities.

Lunch Onboard – 01:00 pm: Lunch on board in Oman means you’ll have several snacks and beverages from the breakfast menu at the hotel, and a delicious traditional Oman lunch. The khobz (Kubu, a bread made on a special machine that looks like a sewing machine) served in some of the Oman hotels, and Arab bread that’s baked in a huge oven, are different from your everyday bread.

Seebi Island – 02:00 pm: The boat will reach Seebi Island by 02:00 pm and will have another stop for snorkeling and swimming. After a tour of the island’s waters, we’ll return to the boat for a snorkeling excursion. There will be some fresh fish caught to feed the group, and we will get a chance to see some colorful fish.

Onboard Dinner – 07:30 pm: We’ll host a live BBQ dinner on the boat. Our menu for the night will be, chicken tikka, beef tikka, fried chicken, grilled fish, rice, vegetable curry, lentils curry, Arabic bread, hummus, and salad.

Breakfast – 07:00 am: Our staff will serve you breakfast on the boat that may include boiled eggs, yogurt, jams, bread, coffee, tea, bottled juices, plain water, and soft drinks.

Khasab Arrival – 08:30 am – Adventures Musandam overnight dhow cruise, comes to an end by 08:30 am and will dock at Khasab dhow port.


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