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Khasab Sea Tours is a tourism agency in the Sultanate of Oman specializing in exclusive tours and travels with a special focus on Khasab tourism. As a leading tourism agency in the region we offer a complete range of tours & travel related services. We are recognized among the top rated tour companies specializing in Dhow Cruise Packages. We are one of the largest travel sellers offering deep discount rates tour packages. No one knows the nook and corner of Khasab better than us. We continually expand our client base and seek ways to reach their satisfaction. We have been in this industry for a long time and have thousands of happy clients across the world.

Best Tour Operators in Musandam Oman

Musandam attracts millions of visitors every year. In the Old Quarter, there are not only full kinds of tourism such as ecological tourism, cultural tourism, and villages but also convenient for those who want to discover Fjords of Musandam surrounding cultural areas and famous sights such as Telegraph and Seebi Island, Lima, Kumzar Village, and small Fishing Villages. The Musandam Peninsula is a popular tourist destination, with modern hotels in and around the town of Khasab.
Khasab Sea Tours is a well-known tourism company in Musandam Oman. We provide services for visitors across the world. Khasab Sea Tours have specialized travel deals for the natural beauty created by millennia old tectonic plates’ collision that also formed the Zargos Mountain in Iran and the Musandam Cliffs along with it. Also known as the “Norway of Arabia”, Khasab is located less than 200 km from Dubai and is known around the world for its rich sea life and astonishing underwater life. Khasab Tour packages for Nature paved and carved Musandam Peninsula include exquisite snorkeling, swimming, dolphin watching trips, overnight beach camping, overnight on dhow cruise and guided fishing. Our services are adamant to promote Khasab tourism to its maximum potential.


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