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Khasab City Tour

Khasab City Tour takes you to the capital of Musandam, the Khasab overlooking the straits of Hormuz and the Gulf of Arabia, a small and peaceful fishing village where you can explore the traditional lifestyle of the fishermen and the Bedouins. Visit to famous Portuguese Fort of Khasab that has a Museum exhibiting Omani handicrafts and other cultural items. The tour gives a chance to discover the sights of prehistoric rock carvings, depicting camels, ships and warriors in the neighbouring village of Qadah.

Activities that you expect from Khasab City Tour

City Tours starts from visit to the restored Fort of Khasab, build by Portuguese in the 16th century.
Castle History:
This picturesque castle on the inner core of Khasab Bay overlooks the harbor and represent Khasab eastern line of defense. Contained within its low, crenellated walls is a massive central tower that pre-dates the castle itself and preceded the arrival of Portuguese in the 16th century.
Old Souq and New Souq:
Drive through the town of Khasab with its old and new souq. At the back of the castle to the east, in the Harat al Khamzari district, are the plantations and seasonal homes of the Kumzari tribe. Further east is the souq, with bustling shops selling most of the usual items found elsewhere in Oman, as well as imported Irani goods, locally made pottery and the unique Musandam axe, or jirz.
You will visit the Wadi Qadah with the old Village Tawi. At the end of the deep bay you can see prehistoric rock carvings depicting (Drawing, Painting) Camels, Ships and Warriors, said to be more than 2000 years old.

Tour includes refreshment’s.
Duration 2 hours.

City Tour will be arrange upon customer request. Its private tour there is no schedule for this tour. Customers can choose their timing.