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Khasab Musandam Tour Packages

Khasab Sea Tours is one of the most reliable tour packages provider in the Musandam, Oman region. The high fjords and beautiful tranquil waters of the region are a sight to behold and we offer some of the most advanced tailored packages that offer you all amenities that you might be looking for.

Whether you are looking for a one-day tour with all the sunshine that you can get or you plan to stay overnight or even a few nights, our tailored packages will provide you all you wish for. With some of the most interesting and calm camping sites and access to the whole region, Khasab Sea Tours offers mesmerizing tours that you will remember for a long time to come.

Come aboard one of our Dhow Cruise tours with a tailored tour package and enjoy the peace and calm of clear green waters. We will take you to places that will both race your heart and offer moments of extreme peace depending on where you want to go. Indulge yourself in a whale watching extravaganza or go for a mountain hike, possibilities are endless. Come join us now with our tailored packages and we will make your remember your Musandam, Oman tour for as very long time.

Popular Khasab Musandam Tour Packages

Full Day Dhow Cruise

Amazing dhow cruise into Musandam fjords with Lunch and refreshment's on board. Swimming snorkeling, dolphin watch & sightseeing's.

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Half Day Dhow Cruise

Khasab Half Day Dhow Cruise Package is a shorter boat trip but have plenty of activities such as dolphin watch, snorkeling, sightseeing's etc.

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Musandam Overnight Cruise

Musandam Overnight Dhow Cruise offers you spectacular time on our tradition boat. This is tour is perfect to spend magical night Musandam.

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Musandam Beach Camping

Musandam Beach Camping is the most favorite among the beach lovers. White sandy beach with basic faculties make the tour more comfortable.

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Dubai Musandam Tour

If you are looking for trip from Dubai with transport. We also have option of sharing transport as well private cars from Dubai.

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Khasab City Tour

Are you planning to visit Khasab City? Khasab Sea Tours is the best place to book your City Tour now. We have custom tour packages for City Tour.

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Fishing Trips

Are you someone who loves a nice calm fishing tour in clear green waters? Do you wish to take your family out on a warm Arabian fishing tour? Khasab Sea Tours is the right places.

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Things to do in Musandam

Dubbed ‘Norway of Arabia’, Khasab is one of the most beautiful parts of the Middle East. Naturally preserved in all its glory, filled with sandy beaches perfect for a holiday goer.

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Musandam Mountain Safari


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